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Searching for a tree trimming service in Westlake Village? Elevate your outdoor area with expert care from AVS Landscaping. Our skilled tree trimmer in Westlake Village provides precision pruning and tree care for a greener, healthier outdoor space

Tree Trimmer in Westlake Village

Why Tree Trimming Matters

Trees in landscaping can appear low-maintenance, thriving with minimal additional watering, fertilization, or intense care. Yet, to ensure their continuous health, beauty, and safety, they require specific care.

Maintain the vitality and elegance of your trees with our tree trimmers in Westlake Village. Our experienced team provides accurate trimming and shaping to ensure your trees are in top-notch health!

Tree Trimmer Westlake Village

The Proof is in The Pudding

Healthy Trees Are Happy Trees

Regular pruning removes branches that are dead, damaged, or diseased, preventing the spread of pests and rot that could compromise a tree’s health.

Prioritze Your Saftey

Oversized branches can be dangerous, posing risks to nearby structures, power lines, or individuals. Choose the best tree trimmer in Westlake Village to stop these dangers and protect both your property and the community.

Elevate Mother Nature’s Work

Embrace the beauty of nature. Consistent trimming helps preserve the tree’s form and architecture, boosting the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.

Improve Sunlight & Airflow

Tree trimming enhances sunlight penetration and air flow for both the tree and its surrounding area, which can significantly improve the tree’s overall health and strength.

Superior Fruit Seasons

Regular pruning is particularly beneficial for fruit trees, as it can greatly increase fruit production. Trimming stimulates the growth of fruiting branches, leading to a more fruitful yield in the coming season.

Manage Your Landscape

Consistent tree trimming is essential for maintaining your landscape. AVS Landscaping’s tree trimming services in Westlake Village help remove overgrowth, increasing sunlight access to your lawn or garden and encouraging the growth of other plants.

Techniques That Level Up Your Trees

Canopy & Crown Maintenance

This technique, used to strengthen a tree’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, involves selectively trimming branches. It’s advisable to entrust this task to professionals, as incorrect pruning of a mature tree can cause damage, hindered growth, or instability.

Crown Care

Crown thinning involves the precise reduction of larger branches to smaller ones, effectively reducing the tree’s height or canopy size. You can count on your tree trimmer in Westlake Village for superior-quality fruit.

Removing Branches

This tree pruning approach focuses on strategically eliminating certain branches to direct the tree’s growth in a preferred way. It is particularly effective for steering growth away from structures, power lines, or buildings.

Canopy Lift

This method involves cutting the lower branches of a tree to provide space for pedestrians, vehicles, or construction projects like buildings and roads. While it might appear significant, we generally avoid removing branches that exceed one-third of the tree’s total height, in order to preserve the health of the tree.

Topping & Heading Back

This method involves pruning branches down to a short stub, bud, or lateral branch, necessitating an evaluation to find the optimal balance between the tree’s pruning needs and its overall health. 

Vista Pruning

This precise trimming technique is designed to create a “window” within the tree, providing homeowners the opportunity to enjoy views of their gardens, while still benefiting from the natural privacy and shelter that trees provide.

Pollarding Technique 

Pollarding entails the regular pruning of trees to their primary stems during their dormant season. AVS Landscaping’s tree trimming services in Westlake Village utilize this method to help young trees adapt to routine maintenance and care.

Safety First

Don’t left neglect come back to get you, for these are some of the issues at risk: 

Hazardous Branches

If not regularly maintained, trees can grow too large or weak branches that may break, posing risks to people, animals, and nearby property. Count on your reliable tree trimmer in Westlake Village to significantly reduce these dangers.

Increased Fire Risk

Don’t wait for accidents to happen. Branches touching power lines can create sparks and fire risks. Having trees professionally pruned is essential to maintain a safe distance from power lines.

Visual Tangents

Improperly cared-for trees may obstruct the view for drivers and pedestrians, especially around roads and intersections, leading to an increased risk of accidents. Your tree trimmer in Westlake Village ensures clear sightlines for enhanced safety.

Unwanted Pests

Wild, unpruned trees can become breeding grounds for pests, endangering the trees and increasing the risk of pest infestations in homes. Choose the best tree trimmer in Westlake Village at AVS Landscaping to safeguard your greenery. 

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