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Look no further in your quest for a dedicated gardener in Lake Sherwood. AVS Landscaping appreciates the essential role that a colorful, well-maintained outdoor space plays for a home. We’re here to make your garden visions a reality. Our team of expert landscape designers specializes in creating both visually appealing and functional outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall aesthetic value of your residence. 

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Benefits of Expert Gardening

The heart of a beautiful home or property often lies in a thriving garden. It’s more than just an assembly of plants; it’s a vibrant bounty of nature. However, garden care demands persistence, knowledge, and great attention. If the task of maintaining a garden is overwhelming, allow AVS Landscaping, your expert gardener in Lake Sherwood, to steer the course. Transform your outdoor haven with the expertise of our Gardener in Lake Sherwood! Here are some benefits of partnering with a professional:

Outstanding Professionalism

Expert gardeners at AVS Landscaping in Lake Sherwood are skilled in soil health, local weather impacts, and preemptive problem-solving, offering ideal strategies for promoting plant health and enhancing your property’s appeal and tranquility.

Manage Your Time

Leaving it to the professionals frees up your busy schedule. You can use this time towards pursuing hobbies, spending quality time with family, or merely relaxing and de-stressing.

Maintenance Checks

A professional can guarantee consistent care for your garden. Regular hydration, pruning, and fertilization will keep your garden radiant and charming.

Hand-Crafted Designs

Beyond regular maintenance, a professional gardener can aid you in landscape design. Whether your interest lies in creating a new garden layout or refining your existing one, AVS Landscaping, your dedicated gardener in Lake Sherwood, is the ideal partner to embark on your horticultural adventure.


Elevate Property Value

A well-maintained garden can significantly elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal and value. Remember, a captivating garden could be a compelling selling point for potential buyers.

Sustainable Greenery

Your Professional gardener in Lake Sherwood integrates more environmentally-conscious practices into your garden care. This could include setting up composting systems, planting drought-tolerant species, and minimizing the usage of chemical products. In this way, your garden can contribute positively to the environment while still maintaining its allure.

Gardener Lake Sherwood

Explore Our Gardens

Mediterranean Garden

  • Hidden Nooks with Shaded Seating Areas
  • Unique Planters and Terracotta Pots
  • Gravel for Ground Coverage
  • Water Features: Fountains, Pools, or Ornamental Ponds
  • Decorative Pebble Arrangements and Sophisticated Mosaic Artistry
  • Vibrant Tiles in Mediterranean Style
  • Drought-Resilient Flora and Succulents
  • Precisely Pruned Low Hedges and Artistic Topiary

Gardens of Rock

  • Faux Natural Garden: Artificially crafted garden with imitation rock structures.
  • Elevated Garden Beds: Enhances the landscape and amplifies the garden’s beauty.
  • Green Walls: Integration of plant life through dry-stacked retaining walls.
  • Container Gardening: Provides easy control over growth and soil compositions, enabling effortless relocation of plants.

Zen Promoting Gardens

  • Peaceful Gravel Water Effect: Using gravel to create serene water-like visuals in your Zen garden.
  • Island-like Boulders: Adding large stones to symbolize calm islands in a sea theme.
  • Rake-Drawn Designs: Making symbolic designs with rakes in your ‘rock ocean’.
  • Authentic Japanese Tiles: Using original Japanese roof tiles for garden edging.
  • Zen-Boosting Flora: Selecting plants like maples, pines, moss, bamboo, and azaleas to enhance the Zen vibe.


Flourishing Flora

If you aspire to cultivate a garden rich with vibrant blooms—for collection, bouquet creation, or simple admiration—a cutting garden could be your perfect match. Particularly beginner-friendly, it showcases a plethora of eye-catching annuals like zinnias, scabiosa, cosmos, nigella, sunflowers, cleome, larkspur, and calendula.

Tropical  Designs

  • Gravel-Enclosed Paving Stones
  • Bed or Pot-Hosted Luxuriant Tropical Flora
  • Innovative Stone Arrangements for Climate Regulation & Texture Enhancement
  • Tropical Bird Statues and Other Fauna Figures
  • Bamboo Furniture, Hammocks & Vibrant Cushions
  • Moisture-Retaining Irrigation Systems for Optimal Plant Health
  • Aesthetic and Complementary Garden Fencing
  • Outdoor Torches for Ambient Lighting
  • Cozy Fire Pit
  • Exterior Sunshades
  • Blooming Vine-Adorned Arbor
  • Unique Outdoor Lighting Solutions


Every Season Evergreens

In contrast to annuals or biennials, perennials possess the ability to persistently grow over the years. While shrubs and trees naturally have long life spans, blooming perennials can thrive for a minimum of three years before needing replacement.

Vegetable Gardens

  • Begin Modestly: Start with an easily managed ground-level garden or raised beds, and grow it further when you feel comfortable.
  • Elevated Beds: Ideal for preserving the structure of your garden.
  • Pot Gardening: Makes plant maintenance easier and allows for handy positioning near your kitchen entrance.

Succulent Sanctuary

Beginner gardeners seeking low-maintenance plants will find succulents to be an excellent option. These resilient species require watering once every week or two. Popular varieties of succulents include yucca, aloe vera, jade plant, Christmas cactus, and stonecrop, among others.

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