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Your search for a gardener in Calabasas has come to an end. Transform your garden into an oasis of natural beauty with our Calabasas Gardeners! At AVS Landscaping, we recognize the significance of a vibrant and well-kept exterior of a home, and we’re ready to actualize your dream. Our garden design specialists excel in crafting exquisite and practical outdoor environments that elevate the beauty of your property

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Advantages of Professional Gardening

The essence of an aesthetic house or property is often a lush garden. It goes beyond simply a group of plants—it serves as a lively, flourishing homage to the richness of nature. Nonetheless, tending to a garden requires patience, expertise, and diligence. If garden upkeep seems daunting, allow AVS Landscaping, a professional Gardener in Calabasas, to take the reins. Here are some of the advantages of working with professional:

Experts In Our Field

Professional gardeners know all about having a green thumb, the importance of healthy soil, and how the local weather ultimately affects your garden. They can spot problems before they happen and suggest the best ways to keep your plants healthy.

Prioritize Your Time

Hiring a gardener can save you several hours each week. These hours can be repurposed for other interests, family activities, or simply taking some time to unwind.

Consistent Maintenance 

A professional can ensure your garden receives regular attention. Consistent watering, trimming, and fertilization will ensure your garden is always at its peak of beauty.

Designs Catered To You

In addition to routine upkeep, a professional gardener can assist you with landscape planning. Whether you’re interested in crafting a fresh garden blueprint or just tweaking your current one, AVS Landscaping is the perfect gardener in Calabasas to help you launch your green journey.


Raise Property Value

A properly cared-for garden can notably enhance your property’s visual attractiveness and worth. This could be especially advantageous if you have future plans of selling your property.


Expert gardeners incorporate eco-friendlier methods into your garden management. This might involve establishing composting arrangements, suggesting plants that are resistant to dry conditions, and reducing the use of chemicals.

Gardener Calabasas

Our Garden Catalog

Mediterranean Designs

  • Secluded Spots with Shade for Seating
  • Distinctive Vessels and Clay Pots
  • Gravel as a Ground Cover
  • Water Elements: Fountain, Swimming Pool, or Decorative Pond
  • Pebbles and Elegant Mosaic Art
  • Colorful Mediterranean Style Tiles
  • Drought-Tolerant Vegetation and Succulents
  • Neatly Trimmed Low Hedges and Shaped Topiary

Rock Gardens

  • Imitation Natural Garden: Man-made garden featuring faux rock formations.
  • Raised Planting Beds: Augments the terrain and boosts garden aesthetics.
  • Living Walls: Incorporation of vegetation into the garden via dry stacked retaining walls.
  • Pot Gardening: Allows for easy management of growth and soil blends, facilitates simple plant movement.

Zen Gardens

  • Calming Water Illusion with Gravel: Using gravel for a serene water mimic in the Zen garden.
  • Island-Inspired Rocks: Incorporating boulders symbolizing peaceful islands in an oceanic context.
  • Rake-Designed Patterns: Crafting spiritual flow designs using rakes in your rock-ocean.
  • Authentic Japanese Tiles: Using genuine Japanese roof tiles to border your garden, adding authenticity.
  • Zen-Enhancing Plants: Selecting plants like Japanese maples, red pines, black pines, moss, bamboo, boxwoods, azaleas, and camellias to foster a Zen atmosphere.


Foral Focused 

Should you yearn for a garden specifically designed to grow and appreciate vibrant blossoming flowers—be it for gathering, arranging in bouquets, or just relishing their charm—a cut flower garden would be the perfect selection. It aligns seamlessly with your preferences. Suitable for beginners, the cut flower garden boasts an extensive variety of striking annuals, including zinnias, scabiosa, cosmos, nigella, sunflowers, cleome, larkspur, and calendula, among many others. 

Tropic Inspired 

  • Pavers Surrounded by Gravel
  • Container or Bed-based Lush Tropical Plants
  • Creative Rock Configurations for Temperature Control & Textured Setting
  • Tropical Animal Figures, like Birds
  • Bamboo Seating, Hammocks & Colorful Cushions
  • Hydration-Preserving Watering Systems for Plant Wellness
  • Garden-Enhancing Complementary Fencing
  • Exterior Torches
  • Compact Fire Bowl
  • Outdoor Umbrellas
  • Flowering Vine-Decorated Arbor
  • Distinctive Outdoor Illumination


Everlasting Evergreens

Unlike annuals or biennials, perennial plants continue to grow year after year. Although shrubs and trees have lengthy lifetimes, flowering perennials can flourish for at least three years before there’s a need to replace them. 

Vegetable Gardens

  • Begin Modestly: Start with an easily managed ground-level garden or raised beds, and grow it further when you feel comfortable.
  • Elevated Beds: Ideal for preserving the structure of your garden.
  • Pot Gardening: Makes plant maintenance easier and allows for handy positioning near your kitchen entrance.

Succulent Sanctuary

For beginner gardeners looking for easy-to-care-for plants, succulents make the perfect choice. These hardy plants need watering just once every week or two. Some well-liked types of succulents are yucca, aloe vera, jade plant, Christmas cactus, and stonecrop, to name a few.

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