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Transform your garden into a breathtaking oasis with the help of our skilled gardener serving Agoura Hills, CA. We understand the importance of a well-maintained and vibrant outdoor space, and we are here to bring your vision to life. Our garden designers are experts in creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that enhance the natural beauty of your property.

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Benefits of a Professional Gardener

At the heart of a beautiful home or property lies a vibrant garden. It is more than just a collection of plants—it’s a living, breathing testament to nature’s bounty. However, maintaining a garden demands time, knowledge, and effort. If you are feeling overwhelmed with garden maintenance or want to enhance its beauty, consider hiring AVS Landscaping a professional Gardener in Agoura Hills. Some of the benefits of using a professional are:

Expert Knowledge

Professional gardeners have a deep understanding of plant biology, soil health, and local climate conditions. They can help identify potential problems before they occur, and suggest the best solutions to maintain or improve the health of your plants.


A gardener can free up hours of your time every week. This is time that can be spent on other hobbies, with family, or simply relaxing.

Regular Maintenance

A professional can provide consistent care to your garden. Regular watering, pruning, and fertilizing will keep your garden looking its best at all times.

Landscape Design

Beyond regular maintenance, a professional gardener can also help you with landscape design. Whether you’re looking to create a new garden layout or simply make some changes to your existing one, a gardener can provide expert guidance and creative ideas.


Increased Property Value

A well-maintained garden can significantly boost your property’s aesthetic appeal and value. This can be particularly beneficial if you plan to sell your property in the future.

Sustainable Practices

A professional gardener can introduce more sustainable practices into your garden. This could include setting up composting systems, recommending drought-resistant plants, and minimizing chemical use.

Garden Designers Agoura Hills

Our Beautiful Gardens

Mediterranean Inspired

  • Shaded Seating Areas
  • Unique Jars and Terra-Cotta Pots
  • Gravel Ground Cover
  • Water Features: Fountains, Pools, or Ornamental Ponds
  • Cobbles and Exquisite Mosaics
  • Vibrant Mediterranean Tiles
  •  Drought-Resistant Plants and Succulents
  • Well-Kept Low Hedges and Pruned Topiary

Rocks Into Gardens

  • Simulated Natural Garden: Artificially arranged garden with natural rock formations.

  • Elevated Plant Beds: Enhancing the landscape and improving garden appearance.

  • Living Walls: Greenery integrated into garden with retaining dry stacked walls.

  • Container Gardening: Easy control over growth and soil mixtures, convenient plant relocation.

Zenful Nature

  • Gravel for Serene Water Illusion: Utilizing gravel to create a calming representation of water in the Zen garden.

  • Island-inspired Rocks and Boulders: Incorporating rocks and boulders to symbolize the tranquil islands within an oceanic setting.

  • Rake-Designed Patterns: Using rakes to craft designs that emulate spiritual flow, resembling currents in your rock-ocean.

  • Authentic Japanese Roof Tiles: Bordering your garden space with genuine Japanese roof tiles, adding an authentic touch.

  • Zen-Enhancing Plant Selection: Choosing plants that promote a Zen atmosphere, including Japanese maples, red pines, black pines, moss, bamboo, boxwoods, azaleas, and camellias.


Fresh Cut-Flower Gardens

If you desire a garden space tailored to cultivate and enjoy beautiful blooming flowers for harvesting, creating bouquets, or simply savoring their beauty, then a cut flower garden is the ideal choice. It offers a perfect match for your preferences. The cut flower garden is beginner-friendly and features a wide array of stunning annuals such as zinnias, scabiosa, cosmos, nigella, sunflowers, cleome, larkspur, calendula, and numerous other varieties.


Tropical Gardens

  • Gravel-bordered Pavers

  • Lush Tropical Plants in Containers or Beds

  • Artistic Rock Designs for Heat Regulation & Textural Environment

  • Tropical Animal Sculptures, such as Birds

  • Bamboo Chairs, Hammocks & Vibrant Cushions

  • Moisture-Retaining Watering Technology for Plant Health

  • Complementary Fencing that Enhances the Garden

  • Outdoor Torches

  • Small Fire Dish

  • Patio Umbrellas

  • Arbor Adorned with Flowering Vines

  •  Unique Outdoor Lighting


Your Own Evergreens

Perennial plants, in contrast to annuals or biennials, persist year after year. While shrubs and trees have long lifespans, flowering perennials can thrive for three years or more before requiring replacement.


Vegetable Gardens

  • Start Small: Begin with a manageable in-ground garden or raised beds, and expand when ready.

  • Raised Beds: Optimal for maintaining your garden’s construction.

  • Container Gardening: Simplifies plant care and allows for convenient placement near your kitchen door.

Specialty Succulent Garden

For first-time gardeners seeking low-maintenance plants, succulents are the ideal choice. These resilient plants require watering only once every one or two weeks. Popular succulent varieties include yucca, aloe vera, jade plant, Christmas cactus, and stonecrop, among others.

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